APDC Services

Aquaponics DC wants to help you get started with this new way of growing your own organic fruits, vegetables, and fish. Our services offer everything you need to produce these foods sustainably, and include the following:

– Conducting a site visit to determine the best location for your system, taking into account light, temperature, slope, foliage, and other seasonal issues

– Recommending the best aquaponic system for your needs

– Assisting you in the purchase of all the necessary components for your system

– Helping you to set-up your system, and educating you on everything you’ll need to know to get your system started

– Guiding you through “cycling” your system. This refers to the process of establishing the biological processes necessary for your system to thrive. This includes the addition of ammonia, which jump starts the  nitrification process.

– Teaching you how to monitor and adjust your system in order to for it to reach full maturity

– And, for those with some experience, APDC can provide on-site consultation regarding the integrity of existing aquaponics systems, building on what you already know.







  • April 2014 - APDC is closing shop. Jessica has relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is no longer offering in-person consultation services in the Washington, DC area. We'll see what becomes of AP in Pgh!